Italian manufactured Prometea vending machines are fully self-contained refrigerated units housing a pre-chilled container of milk, a payment system (either cash or a Eurokey), a dispensing system (self-measuring pump) and a self-cleaning system that is activated after each dispense.

The Prometea vending range is also suited to dispensing fruit juice, direct from your orchard or fruit farm.

The attractions of the Prometea vending machine system include:

  • A very small footprint – the units require only a few square metres of floor space;
  • Low power consumption – the milk is chilled on farm and then maintained at 4°C in the unit;
  • No staff requirement once the canister is delivered from the farm – customers fill their own bottles and return with a clean bottle when they need a refill;
  • No need for a phone line for electronic card transactions, and no margin is lost to bank or card charges; and
  • Products are sold directly to the end users, so there is no margin lost to on-sellers such as supermarkets.